Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deaths always come in 3s

So have you heard that deaths always come in 3s? Well I think this is true. Do you remember the fall of 1997? First Princess Diana died. Then Mother Teresa died. Then Chris Farley died. Three famous people. 3. Weird huh?

This past week I found out that Claire's story time teacher at the library lost her 19-year-old daughter. I can't even imagine losing Claire. Ever. So sad. That was one.

Then an elderly man from Church passed away He was incredibly friendly and kind. He was frequently a greeter and would be seen hugging everyone. They even made a bulletin board for him which was really nice. That was two.

The most disturbing recent death, though all deaths are disturbing, was the death of Naomi. She was young. She was smart. She was pretty. She wasn't supposed to die. She just got a job teaching. She was probably the most competent person that ever worked in the Auto Section of Wal-Mart. She will be really missed by everyone. This picture of her car is probably the most disturbing. Like how is that even her car??? I found out when I went to buy some cheese from her Dad at the Farmer's Market that they had by the Wellness Center the following Saturday. "Well, he's not here because his daughter sort of died." Um ok. "How do you sort of die?" I thought that, but knew that was someone not knowing how to explain it for probably the 42nd time that day. I had talked to her about teaching and special ed. Her mom was one of my nurses at the local hospital when Claire was born:
Here is Claire and some cows in April 2008 at her dad's dairy farm on the Hancock Co. Farm Tour:

She wasn't a super-close friend, or even someone I ever called, but it's strange how you learn about connections in small towns. I had just talked to her every time I went to Wal-Mart for an oil change while I was commuting for 3 years and she was always there when I showed up. I'd get an oil change about every 2 months. She'd remember my car make and model and what I wanted. And we'd chit-chat about teaching. Then I showed up with Claire, and she was like, so that's why you haven't been in here lately! :) Then I saw her selling cheese with her mom at the farm, and I put the 3 together. And she remembered my car when I came up for cheese. Now that's someone that's going to be missed there and everywhere. Crazy. And I went to get my oil changed recently, and I went to BIG O, just so I could avoid NOT not seeing her. Aren't I crazy? And that was three.

Everyone really does know everyone. And you are only 6 people away from knowing someone, etc. So RIP to these three.

And children aren't supposed to die before their parents. I was looking at the grocery store for a sympathy card for Claire's story time teacher. They had several for the death of mothers, fathers, and generic "loved ones." They had one. 1. for "Death of Child." Apparently the card makers couldn't even make one for loss of son and another for loss of daughter because kids aren't supposed to die. They aren't supposed to OD or get in a car wreck. So I'm going to Hallmark tomorrow in hopes of a more personalized card.

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