Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Videos

And here I thought nobody looked at my blog...we've had a demand for some videos that are new so here you go! Here she is bouncing in her baby seat which she still LOVES!

Here she is saying Baa for her toy sheep:

I used to think Kate from Jon and Kate was crazy for mopping 3 times a day. I no longer think so. Are your kids this messy or just mine? A dog would be a good suggestion if I weren't allergic. But I don't like dogs anyway...I know...blasphemy...I think any creature that licks itself is too grubby to be living in my house. ;)

And my new favorite baby video of Claire...IT'S DANCING CLAIRE!!! Now does she look skinny to you? I don't think so...we converted her car back into the walker since all she did was push it around and get mad at it, like she knew it should be her walker that she could run over toys much more effectively while running!

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aribaby said...

I know you are anti-dog, but my dog totally makes it so I rarely have to mop or even clean up the high chair. I mean, obviously I wash the tray and stuff, but there's no aftermath when she eats aside from that, really.