Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's ok to cry.

These are some random memories and thoughts, which I jotted down in the car (on the 8 hour ride!) and shared with everyone at the Funeral service.

  • He loved travel.
  • He loved driving.
  • He loved exploring and hiking.
  • He loved being at The Lake, swimming, and boating.
  • He loved singing hymns and going to church.
  • He loved buttery mashed potatoes and juicy meatloaf.
  • He loved oatmeal raisin cookies with just a little hint of cinnamon and a glass of milk.
  • He loved serving his country and serving his Lord.
  • And he loved all of us in this room, even if he did not have the best of abilities to always express it.
  • BUT, most of all, he loved LaVerne, his wife of over 58 years.
  • They died about 4 months apart, or 139 days to be more exact.
  • They only had one set of winter holidays apart, but never had to spend an Easter or wedding anniversary apart.
  • So, I can just see them now--at the Old Country Buffet (their favorite restaurant) in heaven with a big plate of desserts and no worries about how healthy it is.
  • I just wanted to say that it's ok to laugh at a funeral, and of course, it's ok to cry, too.
  • Because when we cry at one funeral, we cry for all of those who have gone before, and for those yet to come. And it's not ok to cry at a funeral, I don't know where it would be. So instead of telling someone not to cry in the future, tell them "It's OK to cry" instead. Because after all, tears will wash the pain away --

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