Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swimming is Fun

Claire and I enjoyed our Mommy and Me swim classes, which are now over. She chipped a tooth one day. Another day she fell and bit her frenulum inside her upper lip with her lower teeth. Man did that bleed! So despite her wanting to run away from me, we had fun! I took her to the dentist for her 2nd visit. He said that it's not bad at all, and he would not even advise "shaving" it to make it smooth. He checked all of her teeth for cavities and said they looked great. (Knock on wood!) Our teacher made us this cute thing for our last day of class:

I had to have a happy post to end my evening! :) We had a good trip to and from Wisconsin this weekend and enjoyed seeing family and friends. Sadly, the reason we had to gather was not so good, but we stayed at an awesome new hotel in the Madison area, which we really enjoyed.

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