Monday, June 8, 2009

Car-Crazy Claire part deux

This picture reminds me of my brother David, or pictures I've seen of him at this age. She has sort of a "I'm being goofy for the camera face on" hehe!

Disney sunglasses for only 2.99! What a steal! And notice her little green probably saw it in pictures of us at the zoo..well it's her new companion. She will sometimes call it "my pursey" or sometimes she will call it "my diaper bag" which cracks me up. Because I call my purple back pack "my diaper bag" so she wants to carry around a bag just like me which is hilarious and cute.

Claire LOVES cars. Anytime we are on a walk and she sees a car in someone's garage, she wants to go and get in it. So I have been taking notes of which houses to try and walk on the other side of the street ... and also to make sure I'm pointing out the ever so interesting tree so as to avoid her running into some random people's garage and throwing a fit because I stick her back in the stroller. She likes to walk most of the time we go on a walk.

Ahh, yes, digging around for a goody. She has been known to stick all sorts of interesting things in here from used band aids, chewed gum wads, diaper wipes that I have given her to 'wipe' her babies faces (a great 2 minute distractor!), but the funniest thing ever found in her purse was a sauce packet from take-out food we brought home. Now that she can climb onto the tables by moving the chairs around and climbing up on them, nothing is safe on the tables anymore either!

"I can haz a car-nap!" There's nothing like a long day to wear Claire out!

This photos were actually from Anja's camera from the Castleton mall recently. This weekend we had a blast...we went on walks everyday as well as ate outside a couple times in our backyard! We also went to the school playground to play with Daddy!
Today we went to Mom's Club Breakfast Club this morning where they have a "breakfast pitch-in" and then we played in baby Kya's backyard on her swing set. Claire loves SLIDES as well. She probably went up and down the slide 50 times as well as went on the swing. She refused to play in the sandbox and got very mad when I had her touch the sand. She hates sand! This was brand new fresh out of the bag play sand, but no! She does not like to be dirty. Someone said that this was a readiness sign for potty-training, but we had a bit of a back slide when she got sick, and probably because I was sick too. She went from using only 2-3 diapers/day and going on the potty the rest of the time, to now fully refusing to go sit on the potty at all and is using diapers all day, everyday and night. She also slammed her hand in our master bath potty seat. The other 2 bathrooms have a "whisper close" seat which prevents little fingers or wee-wees from getting slammed. So i think it could be that or just not feeling well...or the rectal thermometer...she figured out quickly where that was going and she did not like it. She would cry, "Diaper! BACK ON! NO! NO! Diaper ON! DIAPER ON!...." I couldn't even check her temp. when she was saying that! :(
She is really amazing with names and remembers a lot of what has been going on. She knows slides can be hot. When we get to a slide, she asks "Slide HOT!?" so I will check. Today Josh watched Claire and asked if she went in a baby pool at Kya's house. AMAZING! I said, yes! He said, that she said "Mommy Drive! I swim! Baby Kya! PLAY!" Josh's friend Dave came over on Saturday, and Claire noticed the new and unusual shoes and said, "Dave shoe! Dave shoe!" She also says, "I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy!" When I put her to sleep tonight, she said "I love you Mommy; I love you Daddy." Then I asked her who else she loved and she said "I love you Oma!" I said, "Oma loves you too!" She said, "I love you Opa!" I said, "Opa loves you too!" She said "I love you Richie!" (She is getting better at the R!") and I said, "Richie loves you too!" She said "I love you Nummie!" I said, "Nummies love you too!" She said, "I love you Holly." etc...she loved her baby, her friends, baby Kya and baby Amelia, and also, she said "I love you TOWEL HAT!" She calls her towel hat the little towel that has the one corner in it that fits on her head. She loves that thing! I'm just amazed that she can start to talk about her day like she is. I asked her "What did you do today?" She said! "I slide! WHEE!"
Something else she notices, every time we are in the garage is if Daddy's car is there or not. If it's not, she will say, "Daddy car all gone. Daddy work." She also wants to push the button. Big mistake of letting her do that. She will say "I push but!"
EVERYTIME she drops something, she will say what the item is followed by "uh-oh and drop." Say she drops the sippy cup. She will say, "Sippy cup, uh-oh, drop!" She also loves to say "heavy." She will push around the dining room chairs and say, "chair, heavy!" Or she will try top pick up and carry her little ones and say, "HEAVY! CARRY! CHAIR! HEAVY!" It is pretty hilarious. She will also say "Heavy! ME!" When she is trying to climb onto something. I am trying to get her to say "I" instead of me more, which she will, but "I heavy" isn't really right. But this is "hard" is a tough concept.
So there are pros and cons to her development. Like yesterday I asked Josh if we should go to the school playground or Riley Park. She goes, "Riley Park! Riley Park!" Seriously? She of course then goes to get her shoes, my shoes and stands at the door, saying, "I want bye-bye! NOW!" "I want, I want, I want!" Lately, she wakes up and the first thing she says is "I want gum! I want jebbies (jammies) auck (off)." She wants to start her day naked, chewing gum. She loves to chew gum. When we were eating corn this weekend, she was saying "corn gum" noticing the fact that she had some chewy parts of the husk in her mouth that she could continue to chew on. She will also say "meat gum" when she has some gristle bit in her mouth. She doesn't want to spit it out. It is so gross, and grosser that I know she likes chewing the gristly piece that might find it's way into her mouth.
I hadn't posted much on her development lately, so there is a bit of fun new stuff for you. She can also say "Grover, Bert, Ernie, Abby Dabby, Baby Eintin (Einstein), Cookie Monster (no longer Cookie Elmo :( ), Bardey (for Barney)." She loves all of her character books. She has a Barney band book she wants me to read over and over! She can also say "base-kit ball" for basketball and gets excited whenever we see a hoop on a walk!
She is also very specific when I feed her. She wants to point to the bite of food she wants. She will say "diffint one" for different one if she doesn't like what is on the spoon. She can also say "nu-nu" for noddle now.

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Yeah, definitely looks like young David in that picture. I can't believe how much she's talking!!