Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiny Treasures!

I had to take a picture of some of the stuff that Claire likes to carry around in her purse. Stickers, bookmarks that she steals out of my books, hair thingys, rocks she picks up from walks, sticky notes she likes to steal from the counter with my to-do lists, as well as coupons I give her to play with. She also likes to carry her little Wok book, bracelets, cell phone, and her laminated picture of Mark and Holly. She will take it out, pat the picture and say, "I love you, Holly! I love you, Mark!" I dumped it out to take this picture, but she came over and saw what I had done. She was very upset with me for having spread out her stuff like this. Tee-hee. Click on it to make it full size!

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