Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stupid Rash

So I woke up Thursday with a few spots. Friday morning at 6 am, both of my elbows looked like this. So I paid a stupid copay for the doctor to tell me to take Benadryl and that hives could be from anything. Gee, that was helpful...I still have NO IDEA what it is from. Needless to say, yesterday I washed all the bedding including the blankets in HOT water! ARGH.

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Cate said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog! I appreciate the comment, too. I'll return the favor.

OMG, I had hives last December, and it was the WORST thing ever; it was all over my body and wouldn't ever stop -- it was kind of like labor because the itching came in waves. Benadryl barely touched it and I didn't really want to take it anyway because my baby was only 3 months old and nursing constantly. Finally, though, it went to my throat and I had to take prednisone to survive it! It was terrible; luckily I had extra pumped milk in the freezer for Iris. I went to an allergist and was tested for all kinds of allergens and never have found what it was from; he said sometimes it's just the body's reaction to a virus or other infection. Wierd. He gave me an epipen, though, because it is often worse the next time. But I've been hive free for 6 months now. Thank goodness!

Thanks for posting those nursing links; loved the Would you, could you link and I bookmarked the med l/up link.