Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It gets worse before it gets better!

So I haven't posted for awhile...Claire got sick. Ugh.

I will warn you now. This post will talk about baby poop and barf. So if you get grossed out and do not want to read this (my DAD!) then do not read this post. LOL!

Last Thursday she was fine. We went to story time and played at the library afterwards, etc. She had a few loose stools, but I thought maybe she had been having too much fruit and/or fruit juice for her system...Then Friday morning we went to the Teddy Bear Picnic at the library and swimming at the Community Pool. Well, if already had the runs at this point, we did our part by spreading it around. She did not go poo in the pool, but still... She did have a swim diaper on, but she had more loose stools the rest of the day.

On Saturday, I knew for sure it was "the runs" like I have never seen before, and we went through several outfits. Ugh. During the night between Saturday and Sunday, she vomited in the bed. I was right there, THANK HEAVENS FOR BEDSHARING! I was able to quickly scoop her up to keep her from gagging worse on it and got her to our tub so fast! She threw up two more times in the tub. She was crying of course. This was 2 AM. And I had to give both of us a shower. Josh stripped the bed...ugh. I had messy clothes to strip off of us. So nasty. Well...she also had the runs several times during the night...it was worse than a newborn. It continued with vomiting and the runs Sunday. Luckily by Monday, it was just the runs, no more poops. The runs were the worst Sunday to Monday, with about 7 runs between midnight and 6 am. I felt like I hadn't slept all night. I told Josh he had to stay home to help me. Thankfully he did. He also took Claire for a couple hours in the morning so I could sleep for a solid 2 hours uninterrupted.

Yesterday, we just had about 6 runny stools all day, but none of the outfit leakage like we had before. I have so so so much laundry right now it's not even funny. It's all clean, but just piled sky high waiting to be folded. Want to come over and help? LOL!

So today is Wed. and it's pretty much the first morning she's eaten a substantial breakfast. She also had a mushy poo afterwards...yay! I've never been so happy to see that mushy consistency!!! I am glad that we are still nursing or she probably would've ended up in the hospital with dehydration, or had a bloody butt from the acidity of the stomach acid going right through her without any breastmilk in there to neutralize it. Her butt got a little red but I took her outside in the backyard and let her run around nekkid a few times to "air it out" --nothing like fresh air and sunshine! I am also glad that she never got sick like this before!!! Wow. I can't imagine a younger baby/child going through this! We've made it to almost 2 with only 2 ear infections, herpangina once, and the runs/vomits this once...I wonder if it would be better if we stayed home all day everyday...riiight...I so want to get her out and explore this world!

Anyway, I think Sunday to Monday night was the worst. I can decide if vomiting or the runs is worse. I don't like the vomits as it gets everywhere, esp. at an age where she just vomits anywhere...not in a bowl or trash can even if there is one. I don't like the poops as that is harder on her skin I think, but it stays "more contained" even if it leaks out. So we are on the mend! Now I just need to Google if I should take her out yet, like to the store. She's had one mush stool, so I'm wondering if she's better. It was almost like a breastfed mush stool, but I could tell it was still slightly the runs, but enough about the poops and the barfs...did anyone even read this far? LOL!

I'm glad I didn't take away her immune system (my breastmilk!) and wean her early! She nursed nursed nursed like crazy for a few days there! It could have been a lot worse!

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adbaker said...

Thank you, you have officially made me not want to have a child.