Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 8 Years!

Well here is a photo from the Spring of 1998...we have been together for 12 years, and married for 8.
AHH! Josh's dorm his soph. year of college. This is a photo from a webcam, hence the poor quality!

This is from when I was studying in Germany, and Josh came to visit me. I thought I would include some photos in the post from before we were married.

Yesterday, Josh and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. We have done many things in the past 8 years. I highlighted several things that we have done since being married. Of course, there is having sweet baby Claire who is going to be 2 soon! Here she was not quite 2 months:

Josh got a job in Indy, hence, why we ended up here!

Josh at his job. I think we had to bribe him to get this photo:

Here I am about 33 weeks along with Claire:

And with good times, come bad. My car was totalled by a jerk turning left in front of me on my way to school one day. You can see the airbags in the window:

We lived in an apartment complex with this awesome view of this lake:

We started going to the Melting Pot every year for our anniversary:

I shot a gun other than a BB gun for the first time with Josh!

We would spent quite time in parks when we lived in TH. It was calmer than campus life!

Ahh, the joys of playing with camera settings!

This was another house we rented, hence the horrible curtains, but I loved this arched doorway. Here is Josh on his way to an interview in college. I also had to bribe him to get this photo.

Aww, just a couple of college kids at the park!

This is another one of the places we lived, which was above a flower shop. It was my favorite rental ever!

Ahh, this was a new car "Once-Upon-A-Time." It was then smashed by a HUMMER while we were signing papers to get the car I drive now after my Red Dodge was smashed. I only wish I were kidding. It was parked, and fixed, but it was never the same to us. :)

So then Josh adopted his first baby:

We continue to enjoy dressing up for Halloween parties and pretending to do silly things, like bite Snuggles:

I was a "Vampire." I was obsessed with pretending to bite things for pictures this day!

We decided to rehome our Snuggles and Yoda to some college friends, because, although I am more of a cat than dog person, we were *sick* of changing the catbox. And since women are not supposed to change catboxes while pregnant or breastfeeding, and Josh did not want to do it...either...

We have spent a lot of time on the road to visit various family and friends!

We almost died in a little airplane crash. Never again will I fly in a small plane like this! LOL!

I substitute taught for a year. Then I taught English for a year. Then I taught German until having Claire!

We settled into our newly built home. All the dirt shall be ours!

We settled near Indy, and we still enjoy eating downtown often!

We took obsessive amounts of pictures of our new house being built stick by stick!

During college, we spent a lot of time hanging out with my sister Holly, including trick-or-treating ;) LOL. I was a naughty teacher or schoolgirl, your choice! She was a much tamer butterfly.

I told you that I was naughty. I am going to make this so you can't blow it up when you click on it. LOL:

We both graduated from college. I would upload one from my college graduation, but I think we were between digital cameras at that point. And I don't feel like scanning in a paper copy. Here we are in front of the house where we lived behind the tax agency. I think I have all of our apartments represented on here, except the dorms and our first place together.

We did the backpacking around Europe to celebrate college graduation. It was the hottest summer on record. Most of Europe does not have A/C. Oh joy. This is blurry, but it was the only one that showed the bags!

We met up with my bro Richie who was doing a HS program in Austria. We also hit up Germany, Amsterdam, France, and met up with my friend was a busy 2 weeks!

Josh lost his wedding ring while wakeboarding. I tried very hard not to laugh at him while he looked for it in the lake. I got him a new one a half size smaller!

We went to Vegas and the Grand Canyon in March. Don't go in March. You will freeze your tail off!

We've been to FL several times to see Josh's mom and family as well as enjoyed traveling other places.

Well that's all I have time for! Happy 8 years Josh! Here's too many more! I love you to Infinity and Beyond! You are a great Daddy to Claire. She misses you every day while you are at work. I'm so glad you're mah baby-daddy. I tried to not make this post too much about Claire. Hehe. It was very hard for me! LOL!

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Joshua Starr said...

Thanks Maria, what a great posting! It has been a great 8 married/12 years together, amazing how quickly is has gone by. All of these pictures were great, we need to scan in some of our older ones! Our perception of time will continue to speed up as we get older. You are my one and only, and I love you to infinity and beyonnnnnnnnd! :)