Thursday, July 2, 2009

Amazing Verb Usage!

Here are some sentences that Claire has said that have amazed me:

  • I finding book.
  • I making dinner. (Playing with play food!)
  • Daddy mow grass.
  • Mommy take shower.
  • I drink white milk.
  • I take bath!
  • Holly sexy!
  • I love you TEDDY BEAR too! (she will say "I love you ............ too" to about anything she likes)
  • Mommy garage sale!
  • I sleep bath tub. (She wanted to pretend to sleep in the tub! LOL!)
  • Daddy fix boat! (Blow-up toy boat had deflated!)
  • I want story-time now!
  • I want sad baby book. (She is very interested and concerned about books that have pictures of sad people, esp. if they have tears.)
  • I want Gobi! (She says "Gobi" for spaghetti. She is getting the G and I sounds.)
  • Kiss boo-boo. Fall down.
  • Bump head.
  • I naked girl! (when naked)
  • Our neighborhood! (when we pull into it)
  • Terrible, Horrible (at Alexander's expense, if you know the book!)
  • I want nummy milky!
  • Daddy car all gone!
  • Mommy! Phone ringing!
  • Mommy! Pizza! (If the doorbell rings! Hmm...maybe we order pizza too much!)
  • I want bite chicky!
  • I want bite cereal!
  • I want bite crunch! (for captain crunch)
  • Richie help pedal! (Every time we play on her new trike bike! She remembers!)
  • Opa pull wagon! (Again, amazing memory for her little mind!)
  • Daddy working?
  • I hunggggggggggrrrrrrreeeeeee! (hungry, but always drawn out!)
  • Good girl Mommy! Go on potty! (that is always hilarious!)

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