Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend with Oma and Richie

My mom and my brother Richie came down for the weekend to help out. My mom watched Claire while we had the sale and Richie helped out all around! They brought down this cool little trike for Claire that my Dad found at ... a GARAGE SALE! YAY!
Rich was teaching Claire how to pedal. She kept talking about it all the next day. "Uncle Richie! PEDAL! BIKE! Uncle Richie! Pedal!"

Notice how clean the garage is in the back ground! WOOT WOOT! :)

Claire really likes her new toy!

Claire loves to play in this rug...she likes to roll up in it like a taco!

Josh and I went out for dinner Saturday evening while my mom and Richie watched Claire.

Richie made some awesome mac and cheese for those not going out to eat.

Ahh. How I miss my little girlie when I'm not with her!

Cheese! Do you think she looks like me?

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