Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh dear blog readers,
How I've missed you...not really! I haven't had time! So since my last post I was just cleaning and cleaning and de-crappifying my house. It's great. Welcome to my crap-free zone! Actually, it's still full of crap, but it's at least a LOT LESS! We made about 100 bucks on selling our old crap. Everyone wanted to know. We also sold a crappy TV for about 50 bucks ... so we could say 150. I suppose we could've sold everything on Craigslist or Ebay, which we have done before, but it's work. But a garage sale is a lot more work. I decided to open my garage door on Friday morning to "set up" things. Well that was great...made about 20 bucks on Friday as well. Sold a pool with a hole for 2 bucks! LOL. Anyway, about 1 pm on Saturday, I was getting hot and tired of stupid questions. So I started setting things out to the curb. MAN was it hilarious watching the trash pickers. But seriously, a lady asked me what a book was about. I told her to read the back. Seriously. Buy it and read it yourself. :)
I was also majorly irritated by all the people that pranced their dogs into my garage. I HATE DOGS. Well, let me qualify that. I hate dogs when they get into my personal zone. I do not want their nasty wet little noses on my legs. I do not want them within 10 feet of me or my child. I was also majorly grossed out by a lady paying me with a bag of dog crap waving in front of my face. I was sitting down in the lawn chair and so it was just the right level. Seriously. I'm glad she picked that stuff up but seriously...going garage sale-ing with that. What is wrong with some people.
LOL...on the plus side Josh saw someone picking and offered to load all the garage sale leftovers into the back of his truck. SWEET. We didn't even have to take it to the Goodwill.
Remind me to never have a garage sale again.
My first garage sale here.

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orangemonkeyee said...

Hey I loaded those people up with all the remaining shit