Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Claire had a fun week last week at Vacation Bible School or VBS. We hung out in the nursery with the under 2 crowd between the opening and closing "jam sessions."
Playing with sand inside was really fun for Claire until she started flinging it off the Neat Sheet. SO we picked it up since she was the only one that would play with it. Nobody else was interested in it.

Here is one shot with all whooping 4 participants.

I put more photos on Facebook if you want to see them.

She had a blast with this register toy, but it was really annoying because it made noise.

So we had a busy week last week between getting ready for the garbage sale and the VBS events. Seriously. I had a garbage sale. I refuse to ever have a storage bin. If it has been in a box for 3 months, I don't need it. If I forgot I had it, I don't need it. LOL. SO SICK of stuff! I now have a pantry and closets that have space. I took four more bags to the Goodwill yesterday morning and one bag to a consignment store in town. Sure, I COULD get more on Ebay, but I'm so done with that too. Again...hating to deal with stupid people.

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