Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dentist Visit

This morning, Claire and I had our standard 6 month check-ups at the Dentist. I've taken her with me several times already. She's been at about 12, 18, and 24 months. And now today! She doesn't have any of her 2 year-old molars, and they aren't peeking though at all. I guess most kids have them already, but the dentist said that it's a good thing. It's easy to take care of teeth that aren't through the gums yet. :) This means she'll probably be getting her set of permanent teeth closer to 7 vs. 6 like most kids. I am not looking forward to any fussy days/nights when those 4 teeth cut through the gums, but at least now she can tell me if her mouth or teeth hurt.

She was really good and sat on my lap or played on a chair next to me while I got my teeth cleaned. Then the dentist checked my teeth and hers. I really like our dentist and they let her pick if she wanted to sit in the chair alone or have me hold her. Of course she wanted me to hold her. So they laid the chair back with her head on my shoulder, and she actually opened her mouth and totally cooperated. I was actually pretty surprised given our encounter with being afraid of Santa at the mall this past Saturday. But I guess it was sort of different and maybe she remembers the other visits.

When we go back in 6 months they said she'll be ready for her first cleaning at 3! Sometimes it depends on the cooperation level of the kid, but I think she'll be ready and has never minded when I brush/floss her teeth. She does have some "minor staining" since she loves that dark purple natural grape juice, but it's nothing to worry about. So we are both cavity free. Crazy that by our next visit I'll have another little boy to bring along! ACK! The hygienist always says that she's seen more plaque on 3 year olds when she does my teeth, but I think she must say that to everyone, because she says it every time I'm there.

She was excited to pick out a Hello Kitty sticker and a nice new orange crayon toothbrush. It's awesome that kids can get so excited about the smallest things. I celebrated my cavity free visit by treating myself to a car wash on this sunny day.

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