Friday, January 15, 2010

Moon Sand, Scissors and Beards?

Random blog title, I know...but what else would link all three of these tidbits?

We got a package today! Claire has started to love boxes in the mail as much as me ;) I used a gift card from her "Glama" Lynn to get her some fun stuff, including some Moon Sand. Crap is that stuff messy but fun. I thought it was going to be like Play-Doh. NOPE! It's more like just SAND! But colored and very "wet" but it feels dry. It's really pretty hard to describe. It said for ages 3 and up...but she'll be 2 and 1/2 in about a week, so that means she's ready for it, right ;)???

It says to put it on an easily washable surface...I opted to just pour it directly into a 9 by 13 Pyrex. It also made it great for when we were done. I just shut the plastic lid on it with all the molds inside that it came with. You can mold the sand and it stays amazingly well. It sorta reminded me of playing with packed brown sugar. It's sorta wet, but've just gotta try it. I had as much fun as she did!

Then I also ordered her 2 more pair of all plastic scissors. They don't cut hair! BONUS! I figure all scissors cut really differently so this will give us some more chances to try cutting. She is still working on the Open/Shut motion with one hand, let alone the actual cutting without hand over hand assistance. I have a feeling this might just click one day, so we'll see.

Also, a cute toddler assumption story:
We have a book about Noah's ark. Or course Noah has a huge white beard. She is very interested in the beard post Christmas probably because of all the Santa imagery we saw everywhere. She said, "Noah has a beard. Santa has a beard. Daddy has a beard. I no have a beard. You (talking to me) no have beard. Girls have chins." This cracked me up. In her world, most guys have beards or goatees...and girls have chins!

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