Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Exciting Nesting!

It's Saturday night...actually technically Sunday morning...12:30...and I'm still up. I didn't watch the Colts game...nope...I folded 6 baskets of laundry and put them away. FUN! THEN...I scrubbed three bathrooms. I have to scrub the toilets after Claire's asleep, or she wants to get her little face in there and look really close. They she'll ask funny questions like, "Why you brushing the toilet? Why the toilet dirty? I brush it too???" In other SUPER exciting homemaker news, I have folded and put away all the Christmas towels and linens's fun to decorate and enjoy the stuff up, but not so fun to put it all away!!! I also got all the de-thawed lights put away. Christmas is officially over in our house. :(

In other nesting news, I cleaned out all our medicine/toiletries areas of the house because...well...honestly it was something to do in order to not get around to folding 6 baskets of laundry, and I'd already played too much today...(Can one possibly play with ones kids too much?) Actually, I saw this blog post at Pretty Babies and decided to see what I had expired floating around.

I was doing pretty good in the kitchen cabinet where we keep a few things. I trashed some mouthwash and deodorant guests had left in the guest bathroom that had expired. I thought I was doing pretty good. I went through the shelf above the changing table area and trashed some nipple cream that expired last month...not too bad. But definitely wouldn't want to use that since it might be ingested. Through out some expired samples of butt cream...why do they give those things out?

SO this is the part of blogging that is fun to read least for me. I've read about other people nesting and cleaning, and I think it's great. It's very inspiring to get my own butt in gear to do some cleaning!!!

Moving to Claire's bathroom, I just trashed some rubbing alcohol that expired June 2009, so that stuff must be good about 2 years because it was for her belly button...I was still doing pretty good! THEN...I moved to the master bath and found LOTS to trash...LOTS AND LOTS! There were a lot of contact solutions, mostly various samples from cough, ahem, Josh. Trashed lots of decongestant and cold remedies stuff, another bottle of rubbing alcohol...most of it expired within the past 2 years. I was actually surprised that I found as much as I did since I am really anal about watching food dates. I figured I wouldn't find anything before 2005 since that is when we moved here. Some people might think it's fine to use that stuff that expired because it's just less potent, but um...that's nasty and disgusting in my opinion because if it EXPIRED 2 years ago or whatever...WHEN WAS IT MADE? And this stuff is going on OR in your body like's absorbed! Also trashed some nasty orange toothpaste that expired. I didn't know toothpaste had a date on it! Oh, and trashed one tube of teething gel...I think that's about it...except for the winner...a bottle of medicated powder that expired...ready...MARCH 2003!!!!!!! YIKES!

That means we moved it AT LEAST twice while expired. HA! So then later I thought I should check my purse and trashed some hand sanitizer that expired June 2007 and some ibuprofen the same. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a good way to child-proof too since we don't have locks on the cupboards. We just put safety knobs on the bathroom doors, and hopefully it will be a long time before Claire masters those!!! So she's never in the bathrooms alone.

Well, that's it! Hope all the rest of you had fun watching the Colts game. I've tried to get into it, but usually find myself picking up a book or magazine if I sit with Josh to watch it.

PS...we did Moon Sand again today. THAT STUFF IS FUN! :)


aribaby said...

In the '00s, I cleaned out my mom's spice cabinet because I couldn't handle it anymore. I found some chili powder that expired in, wait for it... wait for it... are you ready? 1982!!!!!!!!! In the '00s! We moved to that house 4 years after that chili powder expired.



lauranemma said...

I run into this same problem. I try to check the pantry as well at least once a year. I always stock up on canned goods when they are on sale and end up not using them. I need to get better at buying less in bulk.