Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Science and Industry Museum

Claire's favorite display at the museum of Sciene and Industry was the baby chicks. You can see how excited she is here. I am laughing at her.
Baby animals are so adorable!

I think the chicks had just as much fun looking at us!

The Christmas Around the World Display:

Trying to pose by some of the trees...they had about 50!

The fairy tale castle. Claire also really liked this but kept asking "Where the Princess go?" since there was no Princess actually in the castle. I said she went to the store. :)

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Anonymous said...

I bet Claire would love Conner Prairie when it gets warmer. They have hands-on baby farm animals to pet and hold. My kids have held chicks, bunnies, and a lamb, milked a goat and a cow, gathered eggs from the hen house, and pet numerous other animals. Plus, it's the cheapest family membership in town.