Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funny Sayings

Claire sat up in bed and said, "Bees don't have toes." Ok. That was random. What was she dreaming about? LOL!

Later, we were doing a dolphin puzzle. I was talking about how dolphins have fins and flippers. She said, "Dogs and cats have tails! People don't have tails. They have butts." She's very observant.

Late this afternoon, folding the third basket of laundry, she observed, "Mommy, why you doing laundry all the time???"

On a random note, I've noticed when she helps me make food, she tries it. Tonight I just had her help dump in ingredients for meat loaf. She was thrilled to help and excited to try what she had made! She ate almost an adult sized slice of meatloaf! :)

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