Friday, February 12, 2010

Ultrasound Check

I'm behind on blogging, as, well, everything else. And, as I mentioned, I fell on the ice and went in for a standard OB check. The ultrasound tech wasn't there, but they scheduled me to come in and have an ultrasound just to check everything. Apparently sudden falls can tear the placenta away from the uterine lining and/or cause leaks in the amniotic sac, causing low fluid. So I went in and had an ultrasound. Everything looked great, so that was a relief. I'm still sore, but I guess that's to be expected after hitting the driveway.

I turned 30 yesterday at 30 weeks pregnant. Today I'm 31 weeks according to my LMP. However, the baby is measuring a full 3 weeks early buy ultrasound. They measure the head, belly, and legs, and somehow average them together to determine how big baby is. They estimate him at 5 lbs already, which put me at 34 weeks and 3 who knows when he'll come. He just might weigh in at 10.15 like I did. Oh, and my GD test was totally normal. Apparently baby boy just likes the Bradley/Brewer's diet I've been following, although I've only managed 2 baked potatoes with skins this week.

Today, Josh is 30. Why do people make a big deal about 30? Seriously...not a big deal, but I guess I could care less about age. They say there are no milestone birthdays after 21 until you turn 55 and can get senior discounts. Things to look forward to!

Josh's mom flew in last night from FL to be here for his 30th. So she'll be here a week. I plan on taking full advantage of free babysitting. I already was able to do several things today while they played!

Last Friday morning when we woke up, there was no snow on the ground. Then we got a big dumping from Fri.-Sat. Then more came on Monday. We've gotten a total of 10 inches! That is more snow than this town has had since 1977. Ha! That's before I was born. ;) It's not supposed to warm up in the 10 day forecast, either, so this snow is going to stick around for awhile.

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