Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Slippity-Yay! Ok, so late afternoon on Saturday I slipped on ice in the driveway while taking Claire out to play. Josh was shoveling the porch off since the Bobcat won't fit there to clear the snow. :) Don't know what the heck I'm talking about? Well, check out the pictures on facebook! Our neighbor clears the snow with his Bobcat in about 2 seconds. It's great.

Luckily Claire was in the grass so I didn't land on her/drop her while carrying her or something. BUT being you know, 30 weeks pregnant, falling is the last thing that is good.

So I got paranoid and ended up going to the OB after all. Everything checked out fine. I'd rather be safe than sorry! I am pretty sore though. I didn't catch myself. I couldn't. Ice is NASTY! It's not like when you trip or stumble on a toy or something out of place. Ice makes you move in ways you never knew possible. I was on the ground before I knew I had slipped. Yikes! I landed on my left side...leg/hip/arm. Not so fun.

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Kristel said...

I'm glad you're ok!! How much snow did you guys end up getting? Hopefully that's the last storm of the season!