Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling Risky!

So I refuse to blog in-depth about potty-training or related issues generally because, um, nobody really wants to read that...but I don't want to say things are going great for fear of jinxing myself or whatever. Let's just say that this is day 2 of somebody napping with big girl panties on. Why does that feel risky? LOL! And I am like totally ready for a giant set-back in a few weeks with new baby-related regression...but here's to hoping!

Oh, and I thought we were done with naps for awhile, and maybe we were. Maybe she is having a growth spurt? I measured her. She is 42 inches. Good lord! She is so tall! I know she is also cutting all 4 of her 2 year old molars. She is the slowest teether ever. Does teething make them more tired or is that my imagination? She has been taking great long naps and still sleeping solidly at night. This is not bragging. This is just stating the facts because I am confused. Who knows. Nobody will ever figure out this sleep thing.

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