Friday, March 5, 2010

New Baby to-do List

To Do list:
Move dresser from master closet into kids’ playroom/clothing storage room
Wash, fold, put away baby boy clothes
Move Claire’s play kitchen from Living room into breakfast nook
Move dollhouse bookcase into Game room to make room for dresser
Order picture prints
Set up pack n play with bassinet feature
Get out swing, bouncer, check batteries
Pack hospital bag, new baby bag, snacks/gum/Gatorade!
Pack day-away bag for Claire, fav. Dry Snacks/juice/clothes/jammies/emergency phone list/guardian info
Update will with new baby info
Make a list of Claire’s favorite foods!
Get out infant carseat, adjust straps, install
Move Claire’s carseat to side
Pick a freaking name

Another hamper
Rubbing alcohol, peroxide
Size 1 & 2 diapers
Postpartum supplies

Stock up on household supplies:
TP, papertowels, laundry soap, baby wipes, etc

Oil change


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mwiesjahn said...

If you have the freezer space, I would recommend making some meals and putting them away. Chicken enchiladas, lasagna, chili....that way you have something healthy and homemade on days when you may just want to throw in the towel and get carryout!