Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Hippity Hoppity Day!

We had a great Easter! For brunch I made Vanilla Cinnamon French toast with fresh strawberries on top as well as sausage. Then we went to the Easter Service. During the sermon, Claire announced, "Mommy, I gotta go poop." Luckily, we were in the back, but since I heard some giggling around us, I knew that people had heard. Oh well. I'm happy to have provided them with a tidbit of amusement.

When we came home Easter Bunny (aka Daddy) hid some plastic eggs all around the house. I wasn't going to hide more since we had just done an egg hunt with our playgroup on Friday, but it was so nice out! I only put 1 jelly bean or 1 MnM in each egg. She had so much fun finding them! And she did a really good job! On Friday, she only found about 6...she wasn't into and didn't really get it. I think it may have been too busy for her.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside. We spent a lot of time outside on the patio and in the sunshine. Man. Too bad it's bad to "lay out" -- I totally dig the little "sun-buzz" from being out in the sunshine.

For dinner I made ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and a dessert. I rarely ever make a dessert. I made "Brownie Banana Split Pizza" -- and it was sinful. It was a brownie mix baked on a pizza sheet. Then you mixed cream cheese and powdered sugar. Always glorious in combination! Then you layered a can of crushed pineapple, a banana, fresh strawberries, and some maraschino cherries. Claire of course had fun helping me make it. Of course she was licking each cherry before she put it on the "pizza" LOL! Good thing it was just for us!

Then I sat outside some more while Claire ran her shopping cart in circles around the patio. I was tired of looking at some trash along the back fence, which is actually the neighbor's property. So I grabbed a plastic grocery store bag to pick up the trash. They are mostly those flyers that they hang on doors. Seriously. I want to boycott any place that will not pay for a mailing. And they never stay on the doors. They end up all over the freaking neighborhood as muddy pieces of bright yellow paper. Freaking annoying as hell. The other thing that irritates me to no end...typos on the ads. Things like "PAYING TO MUCH FOR.....?" SERIOUSLY. You can't use the right form of to vs. too on an ad...I am so not patronizing your business.

But anyways, we had a very nice Easter at home. This was about the first time ever not spending Easter with my family. Actually, 2nd I think. The first time was when I was an exchange student in Germany. But it was a bit odd. Last year, Holly got married on Easter weekend so we were all together for a big Easter dinner and festivities. I didn't go to church last Easter though, since we were up to midnight or later for Holly's wedding reception. So Claire and I took a nap while the others went to church last year. ;)

It's crazy to think that last year at this time, Holly was single and living on her own (until the 11th anyways) and now she's married and more than half-way to having her own little baby! How time flies!

So here's my latest ponderance...should I bother writing a birth plan? Seriously? I was like wanting to....but I wrote one last time, but it's so not going to matter because they just skim it and don't really care what it says anyways. PLUS...they are "meant" to be broken. So if I just don't plan one...nothing can really go that wrong? Me.frustrated=true about this. So if I just don't plan for anything...then what? It's not like I'm going to get a homebirth setting in a hospital, because it just doesn't work that way.

Anyways, hope you all had a great Easter! I've got lots of pictures and videos to share soon! :)

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Amy said...

Birth plans have no force. What you want to do is have your doctor write anything unusual into your orders. So for example, if you don't want the baby to leave your room after the birth, have him write it in your orders. If you refuse the eye goop, the vitamin k shot, and any other medical things that are routine, you definitely want the doc to write it in the orders. Otherwise the nurses get all shitty, because they're only supposed to follow directions from 1) the doctor himself and 2) your orders that are in your chart.

You may be able to get your OB to sign off on your changes, and then add them to your chart, depending on the protocol at the hospital. Now's the time to ask.

If it helps any, I found that they left me alone a lot more with #2, and that they listened when I said, "I am CERTAIN that I don't have an STD and you will NOT put that goop in her eyes!" and so on. Maybe I was more forceful because I had experience, too. Hard to say. But there was a lot less fighting with our Claire than there was with MG.

But if you go in prepared for a fight, you'll have one. Just repeat after me, "This is MY baby and you do not have the right to do ANYTHING to him without my consent, and I don't give a hot damn about your procedures or protocols. If you don't quit bothering me I am prepared to leave right now."

You also might consider taking a sharpie and writing "DO NOT CIRCUMCISE" on his tummy. You know, just in case. :)