Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pull-Up Protests

Well, I wanted to add another little potty-training tidbit. Basically, one day, Claire just clicked with the potty thing. I have head other parents say that, which frustrated me because, I would be like, no, really...HOW did you potty-train your child. Well, I guess I did read her tons and tons of books. Some we have...some were library books. Now I add other things in the books when we read them, because she's still very interested in them. I add things like, wash your hands WITH soap...hang up the towel when you're done. Turn off the bathroom light, etc. etc.

I think the thing that really did it for Claire was that I let her pick her own princess underwear out. She carried it all around the store and was so excited about it. I'll have to remember that when I my current baby boy in utero is ready to potty-train. There was just something really special to her about seeing the different kinds of undies then getting to pick the ones she wanted. Then of course she wanted to wear them!

And the challenge was that she wanted to wear them at night, but wasn't waking up dry all the time. She's had 2 bed-wetting in the past like 4 weeks...and of course both times, she was really upset. She told Daddy, "I peed in the bed all night!" I was like, dear Lord, that's a lot of pee. So here's my question...when do you wake your kid up and sit them on the potty at night...or do you?

She hated wearing the pull-ups to sleep in and protest. Then in the morning, she would run to her dresser, take off the pull-up and put on her panties BEFORE going pee in the morning. I don't want to confuse her by going back and forth...but I don't want to be changing sheets more than ... say once a week with a newborn. How often do you change sheets anyways? Well...and the problem is that it's not just the will require full jammie and undie changing. She will have been laying down, so the pee will get on the shirt. I've ditched the footie jammies because she can't easily go potty in those. Also bye-bye super-cute overalls for potty independence...

Another thing we are working on with all the little summer dresses is sitting like a lady...making sure the dress is pulled down, etc. No more cute diaper covers in her size anymore! Yeah, so in the middle of the library, she pulls her dress up. And I don't mean just a little bit up. I mean, up to her chest. And goes, "Mommy, I HAVE TO GO PEE!" Nice. Luckily, she didn't pull her bottoms down...that would have been far worse. So things to work on...we'll get there eventually. In the meantime, I'll try to post these things for your entertainment. ;)

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