Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May I please?

Claire's favorite request: "May please hold baby Alex?" This one is today. They are both running a mild temp. and quite snot-nosed, but they still look awful cute, here, huh?!
She asks to hold him several times every day. Thank God she hasn't tried to pick him up yet, because I see that coming. She weighed 38.5 today. Her summer clothes are mostly 4Ts. The 5Ts seem a better length on her long legs, but skirts/pants that size fall off of her waist. She wanted to wear a footed 5T sleeper the other night, and it barely fit...I'll have to retire that too :( Too hot for summer anyways...

She really likes to get in his face. We have been talking about personal space/bubbles. It's not sinking in quite yet. ;)

This is a 0-3 month Carter's. It is now in the too small box. Notice how his feet totally fill out the feet and he can't bend his legs straight! I took them to the Dr. today to check out their colds. Claire may have an ear infection. She gave me a script for her and told me to wait a day or 2 to fill it to see if she gets better. I have been putting breast milk in Alex's nose, so I think that's been helping him! Maybe I should put some in Claire's ear/s? Alex was fine...just a normal cold, but I took his temp at home and it said 103. That freaked me out. I think I need a new one. I didn't even think to take Claire's and hers was 100.3. Alex's was 100.3 as well... they don't worry till it's 100.5. Hum. Well, he seems to be ok...

You can tell this was a couple weeks ago because he looks skinnier. My how he has filled out so fast! I bet it's all that nursing! ;)

I feel like this post should be....called AND WE'RE BACK!!!!!! Back from where???...sleep deprivation that is! I do believe that I got a solid 2 hours last night. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Actually, I'm still pretty tired, but what the heck...if I go to bed now or in an hour, I will still be tired...so why not stay up! Seriously...we've been going on walks too, every day. Claire only woke up 2 times last. That's her record. I think her regression has been night wakings. I guess I'll take it though.
It is FREE!!! Meaning if her regression were starting to wear diapers again, that would not be free or without it's hassles! Haha. She did pee the first night home from the hospital in the bed, but now it's been a full five weeks, so I guess I'm going to give the rest of the pack of pull-ups away...or keep them in case we have another girl...lol! How long do these things keep? I just remember finding some really crusty old diapers in the church nursery that were all stiff and nasty.
So while we are on the topic of bathroom comments, tonight she asked, "May I please pee in the bathtub." I started laughing hysterically. She always wants to know "Why you laughing Mommy?!" Or she'll say "What funny?"
Some other cute Claire-isms... At the dinner table, Claire said something funny. She goes, "I'm gonna beat your face." It was totally random. Josh was like, "Where did you hear that!?!" Her reply? "I don't know! I just pick up on it!" Meaning..."She just picked up on it." She's apparently just heard us say that a few times that she just "Picked up on something."
And boy...if we thought we had to watch what we said before, we have to watch it even more now. She will pick up on stuff that I say to someone on the phone and ask me about it later. She also demands to know who I'm talking to. "MOMMY! Who you talking to!?!" Because Josh interrupting me on the phone to ask that apparently wasn't enough. By the time Alex is 2, I may give up on phone calls altogether. ;)
Claire has been working on saying "May I please" instead of just demanding what she wants like a toddler. It was ok last year when she said, "I WANT APPLE!" Now when she says that, I say, "How do you ask nicely?" So then she'll say, "May I please have an apple?" Of course this usage is tricky. Like the other day she asked, "May I please you hold me?" Which of course is clear to any mother of a small child...but "You hold me?" seems a little clearer...well...there is the messed up word order of questions for you.
The other thing that is super funny? Claire is very interesting when I change Alex's diaper, although this has faded in the past week or so. She wanted to watch EVERY TIME. Fine, but I'm afraid she might get sprayed. And is that a newborn thing? Golly, I hope so! I try to cover the "sprayer" but I sometimes forget. And sometimes you can't cover it when you are wiping that runny newborn breastfed poop from those parts! So she points to that area and asks, "What that ball under his penis?" LOL! So I said "his scrotum or balls." I figured, I rather have her hear it from me than some other kid playing...oh crap...my kid is going to be the one to to do that...lol. Anyways, actually, my main reason is why make up names or something silly? She's going to need to know and if we act like it's no big deal, then it won't be. Ahhh....America.

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Kelly said...

Nathan was/is fascinated w/ Katelyn's diapers. Even now, after a year, he wants to see her poopy diapers. :)