Monday, June 14, 2010

Muffin Tin Snacks

Muffin Tin Snacks are basically a variety of snacks presented in a muffin tin. Ideally, you can let them sit out all day and your child can graze as he/she wants to! I remember first seeing this in a parenting magazine before I even had kids. It's such an awesome idea!

My sweet Claire-Bear!

I am not trying to wean Claire overnight, but I'm also trying to cut her way back since if I let her, she would nurse more often and longer than the newborn...even at night. Sigh. SO I am trying to load her up on her favorite foods and snacks! Here is her mid-morning snack...which is also her "snacks" for the day. She was down to pretty much just nursing before sleep/at night, but then tada...lots of milk and she was going nursing crazy. I'm over it now. I NEED to cut her back or I am going to go crazy. I was thinking I would like to have her weaned by Christmas, but definitely by the time Alex turns one...I don't know how to though! It's so hard! Thoughts? My reasoning is today, she pushed his head off my nummie and latched on. I was on the phone and dropped it so as to catch Alex. NOT ACCEPTABLE CLAIRE!

Carrots, cheddar bunnies, purple grapes, banana, honey roasted peanuts, and oranges are all a favorite!


Amy said...

I had to leave. I had a wedding to go to in December when MG was 28 months old and Claire was 9 months old, and I left MG with BJ and took Claire. When I got back, she asked to nurse immediately and I said, "I'm sorry, honey, if I let you nurse I have to go away again." She bought it, and that was that.

The LLL calls this "weaning by abandonment" - which is exactly what turned me off of the LLL forever. That, and their idiotic tandem nursing book with the "super mom" on the cover that said I should give her sticks of frozen liver when she wanted to nurse. WTF??

The LLL can bite my left one. I call it, "Maintaining my sanity."

So, there's my advice - go to St. Thomas with the baby for a week. Tandem nursing is HARD. I hated my life for 17 months (9 months of painfully nursing during pregnancy, and 9 months of nursing both of them and feeling like a dairy cow).

Sorry, I'm pretty sure this is not what you wanted to hear.


Anonymous said...

Hugs to you! It's hard! I've been there once and refused to go back. Call if you want to chat about it.

Preschool will be a big help.

Set limits with nursing. How long, when... whatever it takes to maintain your sanity. "All done when I count to 3," is one that gets used here. Nighttime weaning helped me the most.

Stacey said...

Oh, Maria, I SO get what you are feeling! :-) Do whatever feels right for you! With Coop, he was also down to just nursing before sleep, but when Lucy was born he 'amped' up again. I think after the first 6 weeks, he started slowing again, but I also think I just gently said 'no' or limited him. We did alot of listening to music, so he'd nurse through a song and be done. He also loves to tell time, so I would tell him, when the clock says, "12:00" you are done nursing (and I never let him go more than 5 minutes). He was fine with that. I also only technically "tandem nursed" during sleep times, the rest of the time, Coop had to wait until Lucy was done. I explained that Lucy only ate mommy's milk and Cooper could eat all sorts of other yummy things. At some point it got back to just before bedtime (no naps) and he quit altogether in Feb or March of this year. So he was almost 3 1/2 (5-6 months of nursing 2).

Do you have "How Weaning Happens" available? Or "Mothering your nursing toddler"? We have them in our library if you can make it to a meeting!

Btw... I LOVE La Leche League :-)

Good luck!