Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rock Stars

Yesterday we went to the Rock Stars Cars Guitars display at The Childrens Museum. It was pretty cool. Of course they had things for the kids that were hands on. The really cool thing was that they had Ryan White's mom and sister there and I got to say hi to them and get a picture with them with Josh's phone. We didn't bring the camera yesterday so no other pictures. What? Trying to keep tabs on 2 kids is enough without trying to hang on to a camera that you don't want to leave in the stroller someplace.

Some cute things Claire has said lately:

"Alex looks like a caterpillar baby!" when he's on the floor during tummy time.

"Wipe my other face!" when she wanted me to wipe her other cheek!

And we've started letting her go on the ponies at the Museum that move on the carousel since she going to be 3 soon and they don't check IDs ;) They are supposed to be three. Haha. She calls them "Up and Down Ponies" and loves to pick which one she wants to ride on.

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