Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been trying to teach Claire to say "excuse me" when she wants to tell someone something instead of interrupting. So she likes to say "EXCUSE ME!" before she says something now. Claire said "Excuse me!" to Josh when he got home from work today. Then she said: "I LOVE YOU."

It was raining out. She wanted to wear her sunglasses. I asked her why. Her reply? "So rain stays out of my eyes." I told her they were for when it was sunny out. She goes, "OH! So your eyes no get sunburn!" Kind of!

We have a little thief. I saw her playing with a white silky scarf I didn't recognize. Uh-oh. I asked her where she got it. "I got it at the garage sale!" Um? I didn't pay for one? So I asked her which one! She says, "The Sleeping Beauty garage sale!" Great! So she jacked it. So do I take it back...or offer her (the lady whose house we got it from) a buck for it? Now I know how parents don't notice things...oops.

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