Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Apple A Day

I asked Claire if she wanted me to cut up her apple.  She replied, "No.  I just want to eat it put together."  Meaning of course, not to cut it up! :)

I asked Claire if she was excited to go back tomorrow after winter break.  She was all excited and said, "Yeah!  Winter is over."  Hmm.  Just because all the snow melted...

Alexander has discovered great amusement with opening and shutting the toy kitchen oven door.  He likes to slam it shut repeated and giggle hysterically.  He thinks this is quite funny.  He can only reach that door sitting...just wait until that boy can start crawling!

Alex can scoot backwards when he pushes himself up on his knees...any day now he'll get the forward motion down, though he is quite adept at reaching!!!  He has also pulled himself to sitting for the first time yesterday at 8 months!

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