Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Giggles

I was giving Alex a bath tonight.  Claire was watching.  Alex was enjoying his diaper freedom and freely grabbing himself, in true post-6 month baby boy fashion (the age when all boys discover their penis and start grabbing it, confirmed by other mothers of boys!).  Claire said, "Mommy.  Tell him not to do that.  He's going to pick his penis off."

I was looking for my phone tonight.  Claire asked me, "Why can't you remember where your phone is, Mom?!"  I said, "I'm old and my memory is gone."  She was so kind, and replied, "That's ok mom, I will give you some of my memories."  Giggle!

1 comment:

Turtlespinning said...

Awesome! Nolan hasn't started to pick his yet. I'm sure it will be soon. He is now hitting his head as he nurses and falls asleep.