Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Sis! Lil Bro!

Yay!  Spring is here!  I recently took Claire and Alexander for a photo shoot.  Here is one of the three of us together.  Josh opted not to come.  We'll have to do some family ones outside this summer, though.  Now, Click on this photo to make it full-sized and tell my eyes really look that tired!?! 

Today was 73 and sunny!  It was soooo great to sit outside on the patio and bask in the sunshine!  I painted all of Claire's toes and fingers different colors, and then did my own.  Alex had a blast scooting around on the patio and smacking it.  He also enjoyed sampling varies sizes of mulch bits, while Claire discovered she could eat the green onions and decided that she liked the "spicy plant!"

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