Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So every week, we have this Schwan's man that comes to our door.  However, he is not always there at the same time or even day.  It's USUALLY sometime on Tuesday evenings, though.  Today the doorbell rings.  I hear the truck idling outside.  I have nothing on since I've just gotten out of the shower.  I put on my bathrobe.

This is a tall girl bathrobe.  I love it.  It's super soft and terry cloth.  It goes to the floor.  Floor-length bathrobes rock.  I have 3 different ones.  It has a thick collar and long sleeves.  Super warm!  Well, I run downstairs to answer the door in "just" my bathrobe. 

I open the door and it's the Schwan's guy who is about 70 and a tiny old man.  He's got a younger guy with him, who is maybe 50.  So I say "Hi" and tell the Schwan's man a couple things that I want to order as he punches them into his little hand held. 

Then Claire runs around the corner.  She's got wet hair and is wearing her footie jammies.  She is completely silent.  She holds my hand for a second quietly.  Then, out of her sweet little mouth, she very, VERY loudly says, "MOMMY!?  Why didn't you put your jammies on under your bathrobe?!  YOU'RE NAKED!!!"

I glare at her and say "SHH!"

She replies, "But Mom, we can't go outside naked, and you opened the door.  And you're naked.  I know you have your bathrobe on, but I saw you put it on and you forgot your jammies under it."

By this time I am completely red and laughing and the 2 guys are laughing.  Then I just said, "Well that completes my order.  I'll go get dressed while you get the food."  And I shut the door.

And that, my friends, is why I will never again be answering the door "naked" EVEN if I have a robe on which completely hides my nakedness.

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indigo eyed gypsy girls said...

As they say, "Out of the mouths of babes..." Children are so straightforward and see know reason to hold back information!