Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy for Claire?

Well Claire has been throwing toys in the trash. I was trying to teach her how to put her toys back in the bins since she likes to put things inside of containers so well and stacking things. It started out with her throwing away her little kitchen pieces which were easy for me to wash/run through the dishwasher.

This morning I washed her lovey, the Pink Care Bear. Today she threw it in the kitchen trash. Yikes. It hadn't been out of the dryer for more than an hour. Argh. (And I used to wonder why people couldn't control their children better.) So now all of the trash cans have new places. I could try to teach her not to do it, but this is much faster in the meantime.

Well, we have a busy fall! We have lots of family coming in at various times, as well as a whole slew of weddings (and showers). Josh's dad, Brian, and his fiancee Vicki are in town for the weekend. So with company here, I will probably not be posting for awhile.

If you can't get enough Claire, here are some FILE HURRICANE goodies to tide you over: So I haven't been withholding Claire videos from anybody! If you get sidetracked, just look for the tag CLAIRE. Have fun! And keep in mind that FH is not for the PG-type person. It's user-based, and apparently, the people who have the most time to upload things are young males.

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