Thursday, August 28, 2008


We took Claire outside to walk with her walker, but found it doesn't push so well in the long grass.

She loves to be outside! I love the way you can start to see her hair in the pictures.

Click on the pictures twice to make them full-sized and see them up closer.

And here is your video treat for today. I am so happy with my new way to post these.

My Husband Josh and his business partner Alex wrote a great site for uploading photos and videos. Fellow blogging mommies, take note! Simply click here: and upload your videos to File Hurricane. Then you can embed your videos. NO SIZE LIMIT. AND it is fast and shows you your upload progress. I promise. There is even a place on the lower right where you can copy the HTML. W00T! (W00T is a happy word, like Yippee, but much MUCH cooler.)

I was sooo frustrated with how long it took BLOGGER to upload a video, and Jenica had complained about YouTube and Google Video, so I didn't even want to try those. So I just asked Josh to get embedding videos going. It helps to be married to a l33t g33k. (That means an "elite" or really good "geek" or computer savvy person, my dear Mom.) And thanks, too, to Alex, Josh's l33t g33k cohort. Amanda, you've made a great choice! You've already got a great site going!

I love our digital video camera. I don't know how I ever lived without it. This is the one we have And it is actually much smaller than our regular camera. Our regular camera seriously requires 2 hands. It's ridiculous, but it takes great shots! And I have fun playing with the settings

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