Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stomp your Feet!

Claire likes to do "SO BIG!" She will often initiate it and start laughing so we say it! :)

She can cruise around the furniture super fast now while holding a toy or two.

And she can climb onto the coffee table. Sigh. So she can climb up the stairs and onto our furniture, now she's mastered this. At least she *generally* has figured out how to back down and slide safely down.

We can't put anything on the end tables or coffee tables that we expect to find later. It's bound to end up under some random toys and books.

She has always loved things with buttons like on our Blackberries, remotes, and Daddy's controllers for his big-boy games. She knows what is fun! I fear when she can walk as she will be able to reach so much more stuff like the printers, microwave, and dishwasher buttons.

This is a cute video of Claire stomping her feet, which is her new cute trick. (Climbing on the table cannot be considered cute!)

In her fascination with the table, I showed her how to dust. Hehe. At least this kept her occupied and not climbing on it! She mimics more everyday. I'm amazed. She can click her tongue now, too!

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