Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alex and Suz's Wedding

So early Saturday morning, we snapped some photos. Maybe my mom will use one for her Xmas card. Back row: Holly, Josh, Kristin. Seated: Richard, Maria holding Claire, David. Daisy dog on floor.

Here is Claire on my lap in church waiting for the service to start. She enjoyed slobbering on Holly's bracelets. Everything was really beautiful. I love weddings. That's their page. Who doesn't have a page anyways?

Suz, and her 2 sisters, Alex and Lillie.
Yummy Cake! Lots and Lots of CAKE!

So here is a tradition that someone thought of at some point. I'm not sure who thought of it. The Klugs have a playhouse with steps going up the top play area. We would stand in age order, oldest at the top. So here we have recreated this with the addition of our significant others.
Top step: Suz (Nov 77) and new hubbie, Alex.
David (Aug 78) and wife Kristin.
Lillie (Jan 80) and hubbie Vinod married 7-7-07. (Coolest wedding date ever. I totalled should've gotten induced with Claire on this date just for the cool B-day alone. She's was prob. already a good 6 lbs! But we all know how I feel about medicated births, right?...)
Me, Maria, (Feb 80) holding baby Claire with hubbie Josh.
Holly Gross(Dec 81).
John Klug (July 82) with girlfriend, Tristan.
Richard Gross and Alex Klug (both Oct 86)

Ok, so I should've put this one first with the B-days, but here are the Original Eight. What's cool is you can see some of the others in the above photo in the background and to the sides. Who knows when the next time we'll all be together will be? What's really cool is that my mom and JoAnn met through LLL when Suz and David were the babies. Then they decided to get pregnant together 3 more times. Well, I guess I they technically didn't get prego together, but you know what I mean.

Gross Kids on the Left. Klug Kids on the Right.

Claire with Auntie KK. She even managed to feed Claire a little bit of dinner! Yay!


Lillie said...

very fun! any way to get ahold of some of those originals?

Anonymous said...

That shirt looks great!