Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Claire was a real trooper after a long day in the car and getting pictures all day! Does she look EXHAUSTED in this picture or what? This is towards 9pm. That is really late for little Claire! She gets really tired, clingy, and fussy, of course, when tired. Boo. Then she wants nobody else to hold her.

Well, Claire had a love affair with kissing herself in the hotel closet doors. This was Claire's first hotel stay. I guess the last time we stayed in a hotel was after Uncle Aaron's 21st b-party, a year ago May! I guess we always stay with family! So baby-proofing the hotel room wasn't fun. Hello loose lamp cords, open outlets, trash cans, pens, papers, curtains, yikes...!

It was fun to stay in the hotel with all my family. My mom captured the above photo. We were all able to enjoy breakfast then on Sunday morning after some much needed sleep!

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Holly said...

Actually it was Tante Holly who captured the mirror photos. However, it is was mom who uploaded them online.