Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long Ride Home

Well, it was a looong ride home from MI with some flooding due to the heavy rain on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday....all day each of those days. Luckily Claire was really worn out from the late bedtimes and "crash naps." Crash naps are not real naps. Crash naps are when you don't "put her down." You just keep going and she will...CRASH. Eventually...and it's not always pretty.

I was glad to be home too. Believe it or not...I would really truly rather nurse in the comfort of our own home vs. somewhere in public.

Apparently, being strapped in her carseat for 5 hours wasn't enough containment. Claire loves to squeeze into this little red container I use for storing toys. She will stand up in it and reach to get more toys if she doesn't have enough.

It's just the right size! I can't believe she actually wants to get in this thing. Comfy?

She loves to play with cups and containers in the tub and everywhere else. She likes to put stuff inside of cups and containers. Apparently she likes to put herself inside things, too.

Aside from cups and containers, (and her pink bear), her other favorite thing presently, is this little boat. We got it for our little pool, but have taken down the pool for the year. (Sob.) She is having a ball playing in it inside. She crawls into it on her own. She will take a book with to chew on.

And she'll look at the pictures too, of course! I think she loves people pictures most of all! Then animal ones come next...especially dogs and birds. Right now all animals (cats, horses, etc) are "DOG DOG!" Then she pants. And all birds are ducks even if they aren't. She likes to quack. She gets very frantic in the bathroom. There is an overload of ducks in there. "QUACK, QUACK! DUCK! QUACK!"

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Matt said...

She is so friggin precious. I'm so happy that you two have such an awesome lil lady.