Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grand Haven, MI, Visiting a GREAT-Grandma

So after leaving the South Haven area on Sunday, instead of heading home, we ventured further north. This sucked only because of the torrential rain. LOTS OF RAIN. I've never ever been so sick of rain. And driving in rain sucks. Even if your husband drives. RIDING in the rain, sucks! Here is me and Claire with Josh's Grandma Maggie. This is Claire's GREAT-Grandma. Claire is lucky to have so many family members!

This is Claire, trying to climb up my arm for some reason. Could it be because her Godfather, Aaron (Josh's brother) is trying to eat her head? Really Aaron, must you make us take pictures of your molars every visit? You have a much more flattering smile vs. the biting pose.

Aaron and Susan (Claire's Great Aunt) visiting before dinner on Sunday. We had a lovely visit and also got to see Jamie and Nancy, but forgot to get pictures with them. (Sorry guys!) Grandma Maggie made an awesome dinner for everyone to enjoy with pork loin, applesauce, potatoes, salad, and apple pie. Claire liked the applesauce!

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