Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Double Trouble!!

We had Christy and Catrece over to play. Claire is concerned about her yellow bear here. Not that she would play with it. She just doesn't want to share!

This posing didn't work out as well as I thought, so we moved to the loveseat! Usually Claire runs away without a baby to interest her and make her stay!

Claire and Catrece are thinking: "Oh my gosh! We are dressed alike! I can't believe our moms are doing this to us."

Claire: "Do you think anyone will notice?" Catrece: "Isn't that the point of this whole thing?"

Both: "We are beautiful blue-eyed babies, aren't we??"

Claire: "Let's not smile and look at the same time." Catrece: "Deal!"

Catrece: "How many pictures do you think they'll take today." Claire: "(sigh) No clue.

Catrece: "So how many times did you wake up your mom last night to nurse?" Claire: "Gee, I think only 3. I better step it up or they might consider having a sibling for me sometime in the next 5 years!"

Catrece: "Ahh! This is really comfy!" Claire: "I know! Hehe!"

Leave a comment with a more creative baby dialog if you think mine's silly! They are such pretty pink snow bunnies! :)

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Matt said...

I love your commentary Maria!