Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Week

So last week, we had a busy week! We had to unpack and catch up on laundry from the long weekend. Yuck. I hate laundry. That's no fun for anyone. And anyone who says, "I don't mind laundry." RIGHT! "LIES!" I say. Compared to, say washing windows, I don't mind laundry either. It doesn't matter if you go away for 1 night or 2 weeks, the packing/unpacking is always the same amount of pain in the butt. And now we have all this baby stuff to cram in the car, like the stroller, pack-N-play, baby monitor, diapers, sippy cups, etc...I'm surprised we can still fit us in the car. I am just glad I never had to lug around bottles and formula. Boobs are the ultimate fast convenience food!
Then Tuesday, we had the reverse osmosis (RO) filter changed and water tested. The guy said it filters out chlorine, fluorides, as well as all minerals, etc. He said you could drop a hair dryer in a sink full of water filled with RO water and nothing would happen. I said that I'd rather not. Hehe. Because then I'd have to buy a new hair dryer, I'm sure!
He also said that I should check with Claire's pediatrician and/or dentist about fluoride drops or tablets. Right, because Claire will obediently swallow a little vitamin tablet of something. Well Richie, Mom was right. This is why you got all the cavities none of the 3 older ones of us had. The only difference was that you were drinking the RO water starting at age 5, whereas we were all older. Apparently kids should have fluoride until they are 13. SO I need to ask my dentist what toothpaste to be using on Claire since the one we have is fluoride free. That seems really stupid. What's the point of that? I am also glad that I'm using a regular toothbrush on her since she had been biting my finger more and more with the little finger sleeve! I have to admit I am a bit of a compulsive hand washer/teeth brusher. You have to wash your hands all the time changes diapers anyway! We use a lot of hand soap! I hope to get Claire into the same habits so she never has to have any cavities either! I have to admit...I don't floss HER teeth, even though the dentist said I should as soon as two are touching. They aren't really touching, yet. Baby teeth are spaced pretty far apart. God had it all planned out so us moms wouldn't have to floss bitty baby teeth.
Then on Wednesday, we had our dryer vent cleaned by a guy who also does chimney cleanings. Wow. I have noticed our clothes drying much better now minus the 42 pounds of lint that had accumulated over the past 3.5 years. Claire and I went outside and watched them clean it out. It looked like it was snowing shredded towel hunks. It was not pretty.
Then onto Thursday...story time! The theme was fall! Claire really enjoys the songs, particularly If You're Happy and You Know It! We went over to Christy and Catrece's for lunch, where Claire enjoyed some lasagna! Marinara being among her favorite flavors! That afternoon I also went in for my yearly female exam. Dr. Lo enjoyed playing with Claire and even blew up a plastic glove into a balloon for her! What fun!
Claire has currently dumped out her basket of shoes and is really trying to get into it. Haha!
So then Friday Claire woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and so we didn't get much of anything done other than taking a walk. Walking or going outside is always a good distraction.
Saturday, I went shopping for food. I hate shopping on weekends or when the regular "9-5ers" shop. I sometimes forget this trend of working people crowding the stores in the pre-dinner and weekend rush hour at the stores. It takes me twice as long going through the store with Claire because we get stopped every aisle. "What a cute baby!" It's as if people have never seen a baby before. I have to admit I usually enjoy it. I just don't like it when kids with visibly grubby paws try to touch her. Where are their manners? Oh wait, they don't even have clean hands... I also hate shopping for food, clothes, etc. in general because it's a chore to me. Having been to 4 malls recently, I probably won't go again for a very VERY long time. I can't even remember the last time I went ... oh yeah! With Holly on her Spring Break from teaching!
Sunday, we went to church, a neighbor's first birthday, and then had Josh's Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Bob over for dinner. (Pictures to come!)
Today I found a wedding present for yet another fall wedding we'll be going to! (Boo to shopping again!) Claire has been taking 2 hour naps for about the past week. Yay. Curses if writing that changes that fact.
So among all these things, Claire has been getting 3 "solid" meals a day, which is another pain, as it is a HUGE mess. It takes about 45 min. from start, letting her eat/play, then cleaning up. BLARGH!

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Amy said...

Fluoride is a neurotoxin, so until kids can reliably spit toothpaste instead of swallowing it, you want to be sure to use a fluoride-free toothpaste. The amount in toothpaste is much higher than the amount in tap water, which explains why it's ok to drink tap water and not ok to drink toothpaste or mouthwash. :)

Tap water contains less than 2.0 milligrams/liter
(it's mandated to remain below 4 milligrams/liter, but the water company would notify you if your municipal water was above 2 milligrams/liter).

Fluoride is a perfect example of something where some is good but more isn't better (see also: vitamin C, coffee, rap music). Too much and you can get fluorosis - which causes discoloration of the teeth (ironically). Since your body can't excrete it, it builds up over your lifetime, and of course babies are small, so what's a small amount to a 150 pound adult is a huge amount to a 10 pound baby, and also their teeth, bones, etc. are still forming. There is concern that too much fluoride can cause cancer, including cancer of the bones, and thyroid problems.

Now, don't freak out and eliminate all fluoride, because as I said, SOME is good. However, I wouldn't use any additives unless your doctor tells you to, and if so, use only the recommended amount. We use Tom's of Maine toothpaste for the girls (because they don't spit reliably, yet, at 18 months old and 3 years old). Some of the varieties of Tom's have fluoride and some don't, so read your labels. Be aware that fluoride is in everything, so even if she isn't getting it in her drinking water, she's getting it in the water in her prepared drinks (juice, etc.), processed foods, fresh fruits and veg (which leech it from the soil naturally), and some vitamins/mineral supplements. Most people probably actually get more fluoride than they should.

There really is no end to the number of things we mommies have to worry about, is there?