Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 14th Month Birthday!

Claire cracking up last year at this time...a month and a half old. So tiny! Her she is on her Pack-n-Play changing thing.

And here she is now today! Look how tall she is! A whooping 33 inches!

Here we have ghetto baby proofing at it's finest. She can't reach the TV buttons downstairs with the exersaucer and footstool in front of it. Yay! Hopefully by the time she gets longer, she'll understand NO better.

She loves this little ball because it has a bell in it. Yay for toys that make noise!

Look at those teethies!!! She has almost 6 now. She is getting so big! And here she is playing this game that certain somebodies taught her last week. She holds something out for you to "take" then when you do, she snatches it back, smiles, shakes her head, and says "NO, NO, NO!" Gee. Where did she learn that from?

How did my little tiny newborn get to be a big 14 month old??? Where did the time go. Kids "grow up so fast!" Now I am starting to know what they mean.

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