Thursday, September 25, 2008

Claire's on the MOOve!

So Claire has a Carebear costume for Halloween as well as a Moo-Cow outfit she got from Grandpa Brian and Grandma Vicki. Doesn't she look adorable!? This is only a 12 month size, so the legs are way too short, but it still fit! :)

She loves pushing this walker toy around, is great at steering it, and will pick it up to move it over toys, etc. I don't think she needs it anymore, but I think she likes the security of it! (That and her appendage...the pink carebear!)

Daddy thought it was hilarious to come home from work and find his baby moo-cow walking around in this!
Now, maybe I'm the one that should be wearing a cow costume, considering I'm the one lactating ;)

And here is a video of her walking around with the walker! I'll post some soon of her walking without the walker! I haven't been able to get more than about 5 steps recorded, and I want a long streak to post!

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