Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homecoming Pictures

Claire enjoyed all the sights and sounds that come with a parade. Here we are with my brother, her Uncle Rich.

Valpo's mascot is the Valpo Vikings. All the clubs make floats and walk or ride in the parade.

I can't go anywhere in Valpo without running into somebody I know. This is a classmate, Rebecca, who is now teaching Spanish.

And the German club was walking as well, so I joined the parade a moment to say hi to Frau Bowman, who was one of my HS German teachers, for German 3 and 4. She was excited to meet Claire. She is tiny. I look really tall compared to her. Then look at the photo below.

Ahh. That's better. I'm not so tall and freakishly-giant when put in my own family. Actually, I'm the shrimp! ;) Well I guess Claire is, but look how long she is in her Baby Bjorn carrier! Here I am with my mom and brother, Richie.

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