Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Visit to Coulter's Farm

Farmer Richard. Claire is hanging out. Her outfit totally doesn't match. Whoops. It "seemed" like a good idea in the dark bedroom dressing her while I was still half asleep.

My dad, Will; Me wearing Claire, Richard, and my mom, Arlene.

Claire looks ticked off in this picture. "Why are you sitting me between these things?"

Here she is doing her dog impression. Too funny.

Claire as a witch. Notice the bear was trying to get in on it too!

I attempted to look "scary." Instead, it looks like someone is pulling me down to attack me and looks...well scary.

Claire playing on the wooden play train:

I don't know how we managed to fit so much into one weekend, but we did! We went to get some pumpkins at a farm outside of Valpo, and decided to stop in at the Scarecrow fest for lunch. http://www.scarecrowfest.org/ Maybe if we go up next year, Claire can go on a real pony ride! Here was one of the booths going on:

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