Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nell and Bill's Wedding

Nell and Bill Mick's wedding was at Lake of the Four Seasons Country Club in Crown Point, Indiana. Here is her sister, Molly, coming down the aisle. The scene was beautiful, as it overlooked Lake Holiday.

Here comes Nell with her Dad. You can see my mom and Claire in the right corner.

Nell's dress was absolutely beautiful, with red accents and a red train in the back.

She had an Asian them, as you can see from the cake. The food was egg rolls, orange chicken, etc, sticking with the theme. It was super tasty!

Claire had a ball walking around the reception! It's hard to get face shots of her walking. You really have to sit/lay on the ground for them to turn out more than just the top of her head!

Nell and I had many classes together in Middle and High School, like Mrs. Sommer's History Class. I don't remember much about that class, except passing notes and drawing comic strips back and forth with Nell of various teachers. We also both played the clarinet in band. She was on the Swim/Dive team. I swam; she was a diver. The other one I remember taking together was Creative Writing, as that was probably one of my favorite HS classes, (along with Quest, German, Art, Life guarding, Poetry, Theory of Knowledge, etc...).

We also had several sleep overs! The most memorable one was when I slept at her house with a few other girls. We were watching Misery, which isn't that scary, but very suspenseful. It was dark out, of course. Her dad went around the house to the sliding glass doors outside the living room where we were in the sleeping bags and he knocked on the door. This of course scared the living crap out of all of us. I can see Josh doing this to Claire in the future, getting a huge kick of of making a bunch of girls scream.

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aribaby said...

Awwww! I've known Nell since I was about 7. We were almost neighbors. Congratulations to her!