Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is addicting!

!IT IS ADDICTING! It is a chemical dependency...breastfeeding that is...she is so right!,2933,449925,00.html I love seeing stars who breastfeed and feel comfy enough to talk about it! YAY! I have read about how breastfeeding triggers feel-good hormones that help mom relax and feel better. Josh sent me this story. I DIG IT when other people find breastfeeding related stories to send me. I also read about how breastfeeding moms can't let their babies cry very long because of this whole addicting thing. I think it's nature at it's finest. It wants us to want our baby to be happy and content! YAY GOD!

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Richardo said...

You should give me some links to put in my myspace blog. My friend Chris has a kid now, and his girlfriend bottle feeds their kid formula from day one.