Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grilling Out

We have 3 little birdies living across the street in one of Jeff and Jessie's tree. I posted a video recently, but here is a still version of them:
Claire has starting preferring to sit in a big girl chair! Oh my! I prefer the ease of cleaning up a contained mess in the high chair!

Josh picked up fresh brats and burgers from Marsh that have bits of cheese and bacon mixed into them. Just looking at them will make your arteries start to clog a bit:

I was grumpy all weekend. I am trying to sort and organize the entire house for the garage sale, which makes me want to just open up all the 2nd story windows and just start chucking stuff on the lawn with a sign that says "FREE! TAKE IT ALL! PLEASE!" I am going through nearly 5 years of accumulated stuff. Please, please never let me go to another garage sale. I want to sell about half the stuff I have picked up at garage sales in the past 2 years. Haha. Well I am pricing most stuff for $1 or less. The sale will be this Saturday only. Then everything will be going to the Goodwill. So come around noon, and I just might pay YOU to take all the dang stuff away so we don't have to load it up and hault it off ;) LOL!
I was also grumpy because I was taking Benadryl to keep the hives away and well...guess what...that stuff makes me tired. When I feel tired, I get grumpy. ARGH! PLUS...Our dishwasher leaked. I opened it about 1 min. into the cycle and guess what? WATER EVERYWHERE! SERIOUSLY! We have had a dishwasher EVERYWHERE we've lived and I've NEVER had a problem like this...or at my parents is it with your dishwasher? I think you should be able to open it at any point in the cycle and not have a huge mess. Ugh. Anyway...enough ranting. Come to my garage sale. It starts Saturday at 8. If you want the good stuff ;) I am serious though...I might just put a sign on my door and tell people to come in and take some of the toys and stuff away...we have too much stuff!!! It's worth the trip even if you live in Florida. I'm giving you advance notice, so please plan accordingly.
Kthnxbai! :)

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