Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What do you do all day?

Laundry. Feed Claire breakfast. Feed myself. Get us both dressed. Drive to dentist in the rain. Get my teeth cleaned, etc. Listen to blah blah blah your teeth are so nice, no cavities WOOT! Then have them check Claire's teeth....her third dentist visit...no cavities...WOOT..she has 13 teeth now! Sweet! Go to grocery store. Get milk, more cereal, etc. Let Claire eat an apple in the shopping cart/car thing so she doesn't throw a fit. :) Let Claire play with a bag of beans so she won't throw a fit. Buy bag of beans so she doesn't throw fit. Wonder what I'm going to do with bag of said beans. Make some soup, probably...Get mail in rain. Let Claire play in rain while I bring in groceries. Entice Claire into the garage by letting her shut the garage. Proceed to bribe Claire inside with promises of leftover sketti from last night to yet again avoid ... fit. Feed Claire and myself spaghetti for lunch. Feed her Lots of it. LOTS OF WIPING UP. Lots of hand and face washing. Her skin still is red. Dang tomatoes do that. Switch more laundry. CURSE DISHWASHER THAT IS STILL NOT DRAINING EXCEPT ONTO THE FLOOR! THIS IS MY LIFE. Lay down in bed to nurse Claire to sleep. Linger because I don't want to get up. Catch up on emails and make a few phone calls while she naps. Hear her. Go lay down with her again; she falls back asleep. Go switch some more laundry. Start to FOLD laundry. Label more garage sale prices. Get Claire...up now. Turn on Toddler CD and dance and fold laundry. Let Claire play in laundry. FUN FUN. FOLD 7 loads of laundry in 2 hours while feeding Claire snack. RISKY! :) PUT AWAY ALL LAUNDRY. See Josh briefly. Go to VBS at church. Try to get Claire to eat grilled cheese. She only wants chips. And a cookie. AHH FUN. Play with Claire and Amelia in nursery for VBS time. Claire gets to play with Play-Dough for the first time. She only eats it once. No, wait. Twice. It's ok, Angie made it at home. I taste some. Tastes like ass. Well, I've never eaten any donkey, but it's very salty. And doughy. Like bread that didn't bake right. YUCK. Claire tries it again while making a horrible face. SERIOUSLY! She would not try the grilled cheese, but will try this nasty crappy white looking play-dough that NOBODY ELSE EATS THREE TIMES. Amelia only tried it once. None of the other toddlers tried it. Apparently they are either a lot less curious than Claire or...smarter. NO! No other baby is smarter than Claire! They just ate their grilled cheese and aren't starving. LOL. Clean up nursery. TWICE. Three times as babies/toddlers try to unclean it faster than we can pick up. Go to closing. Leave camera on pew. Drive home.
REMEMBER CAMERA IS AT THE CHURCH as we turn onto our street. D'oh. Turn around at 9pm and proceed to drive 15 min. to the other side of town to our church. Luck out that there are still two cars there and we can get in. FIND IT ON THE PEW. YAY! Have trouble getting Claire back in car seat as she wants to "GO PLAY! GO PLAY! MORE CHURCH!" Pat camera repeatedly as I drive home as I think, "MY PRECIOUS, MY PRECIOUS." Sheepishly come in at 9:40 and tell Josh I left our very nice camera at church, but I have it now. YIKES. Feed Claire bedtime snack. Bathe her, brush/floss teeth/smear her up with lotion/really...thinking of EVERYTHING I do all day gets pretty mundane! Smear triple antibiotic on her knee and kiss it for the 10,000th time today as she screams, "MOMMY, KISSH MAH KNEE!"
Tell Claire she can't sleep with the froggy key chain as it could wrap around her finger and give her a boo-boo. She frowns and says, pleadingly, "I SLEEP WIFF (with) FROGGIE!" I convince her that her baby is a better deal. It's 10pm and she is still up. Nurse her to sleep in about 5 minutes. SWEET! Average night takes 10-15 minutes. Bad nights 30-45 minutes. Really overtired...about 1 hour...longest ever...maybe an hour and a half...just can't fall asleep when she's really over-tired, like the same with me. Admire her sleeping face in the glow of the turtle night-light. Wonder how I ever lived without this kind of intense love. Kiss her on the forehead. Ahh. I'm free...kind of. Think about hand washing the dishes. Forget it. Leave them for tomorrow. Pray that Josh fixes the dishwasher or just buys a new one and magically cleans the dishes themselves. Catch up on Facebook. Catch up on blogs. Fold once last basket of laundry that was in the dryer. Pick up toys. Decide one more toy in the garage sale pile is a good plan.
Decide to blog.
Decide to go to bed.
Good night.
What do YOU DO ALL DAY!?!

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