Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What we are selling!

Well today I made tremendous progress for our upcoming garage sale which will be this Saturday starting at 8 am sharp...rain or shine! We are selling lots of stuff. We have 2 plastic garden chairs, a set of 4 plastic "office-type" chairs, a professional drawing table with a light, a floor lamp, a Sanyo TV, a VCR, and lots of VCR movies. We are also selling a set of 3 glass coffee tables, one long one and 2 matching square ones. We have lots of clothes I no longer wear. I am selling just a few of our extra toys. I have an extra Barbie play kitchen. We have a toaster, a coffee maker, a blender, lots of landline phones, vases, etc. I have 2 friends coming to set up some of their stuff...both have kids but I have no idea what they will be bringing. My mom and brother Richie will also be bringing a car load of their stuff. I have again, no idea what they will be selling, but my mom brought some stuff down about a month ago for the garage sale including tons of clothes hangers, neatly bundled of course, bows, bows, and more bows like for presents. There is lots of Christmas stuff and decorations, as well as knicknacky stuff like wind-up music boxes. I have taken 6 bags of trash to the dump today so I am not going to be selling "crap" like I see at some places that make you wonder ... hmm ... do they know what the trash is? So anyway, we are also selling some old computer monitors and Josh's stuff...don't even know what remotes, some IPOD thing...Monster ICRUZE. An old radar detector (see, Josh always has to have the newest thing out ;) lol!) So no big furniture, but lots of little stuff and some pillows, an art stand I got at a garage sale about a year ago, but then decided there is no way I am letting Claire paint in the house...not till she is like 6 and then she can do it at school ;) lol! :) So yeah, lots and lots of stuffs...some extra throw pillows, a huge vase with 2 matching candle sticks, a bike basket if you'd like to look extra dorky (LOL!) I'd like to sell this tree thingy that we have, but Josh wants it, so bummer. I am not selling any of Claire's clothes as she is only our first people! And no, this is not an announcement of any yeah, there is a ton of other stuff, a paper shredder. We now have a bigger better giant one. But you get the idea. COME. BUY. BE HAPPY! AND REMEMBER IT IS A COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE. So there will be like 20 other garage sales LEAST with lots of young families. So if you have any questions...leave me a comment or email me to my hotmail or personal message me on Facebook. I do not check my gmail account associated with this blog. ever. It is my spam account. :) I know, sorry, dear gmail! So lots of little appliances (we got stainless steel matching ones recently...) and some little furniture, but no huge furniture. BUT YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE! I WILL GIVE YOU A DEAL!

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